Topic 6: Examining Guidance

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Features of Effective Guidance


Developing guidance is a broader process than most people realize. It doesn’t begin and end with creating a document. In fact, the document is just a milestone in the process. Writing the guidance itself is just the first in a series of exits on a highway. You don’t want to get off your route too soon!

After you’ve crafted the document and it’s been approved, you need to spread the word about it. Everyone who will be affected by it or will be responsible for implementing it needs to know it exists and to understand what it means. Communication and training are key to this publicity effort.

Once the guidance is in place, you also need to monitor its effectiveness. After a pre-determined period of time, you want to review and refine each piece of guidance based on what you learn. DPKO/DFS builds this step into the guidance development process in the form of a “periodic review.”