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Types of Guidance


DPKO/DFS produces four types of guidance. Each serves a specific purpose, as summarized in the following table. Templates are available for policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and guidelines.

There is no set length for any type of guidance. A guidance document should be as long as it needs to be and no longer.

Type of Guidance Purpose Mandatory
  • Outlines intent
  • Articulates an institutional position and/or direction on an issue or activity in UN peacekeeping
  • Basis for institutional consistency in managing peacekeeping issues
  • Standing instruction that provides DPKO/DFS staff with guidance on how to implement a specific task, process or activity, or how to achieve a desired result
  • Provides institutional recognition of best practice methods or steps to be followed
Guidelines Suggested courses of action, recommendations, principles or considerations on how to undertake an activity, deal with an issue, or execute a task No
  • Combination of other types of guidance
  • Publication that may contain an omnibus collection of policies, SOPs and/or guidelines on subjects that can be logically grouped together to achieve clear outcomes
Some parts may be required