Topic 3: Get Ready. Get Set. Think!

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Aim Before You Shoot


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One of the biggest mistakes that people make when tasked with producing any document is to start writing too soon. The urge to just “get something on paper” can propel you into skipping over the most important part of the process: thinking through what you want to say.

Once you have a plan and have pulled your ideas, data and recommendations together in your mind, actually writing it all down is the easy part.

Another common problem is that organizations develop policy or guidance in reaction to an incident, instead of proactively. The United Nations is no exception.

When this occurs, the resulting policy or guidance may or may not turn out to be an effective solution. This may be because the policy or guidance wasn’t well thought out, or it may be because it was never the best response to the problem.

Before you start, ask yourself whether guidance is the best approach to the task at hand, because sometimes guidance is overkill and other times, it’s not enough!