Topic 11: Editing Yourself and Others

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Tips for Getting Reviews in a Timely Manner



Sometimes the hardest part of a writing project is getting comments from others in time to incorporate them into your document. Here are some pointers to help you receive feedback in a timely manner:

  • Make sure you deliver your materials on time. For every day you are late, give the reviewer an extra day.
  • Provide a checklist or a list of several questions to help the reviewer focus and give you feedback on the issues most important to you.
  • Clarify the format in which additions and deletions should be communicated. Should the reviewer use revision marks in Word? Send email? Call?
  • Ask the reviewer not to just comment but to suggest rewrites or examples, if appropriate.
  • Create a schedule with clear deadlines. Set times, not just dates. For example, when you say you’ll get a draft to someone on Tuesday, does that mean you’ll deliver it at 9 a.m., at 5 p.m., or just before midnight? Take time to do over the schedule with each reviewer and make sure it’s doable.
  • Let the reviewer know that you will send him or her a reminder email a few days before the review is due.