Lesson 2: Interpreting ADAPT Information

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Topic 1: Overview

“Before we only had a map of TFR so we just had to visualize what was going on. We couldn't even see VFRs. Now, with ADAPT, we can see the whole picture.”

Bob Isibel
Air Traffic Security Coordinator
Domestic Events Network
Federal Aviation Administration

ADAPT uses symbols and colors to indicate information about tracks and other items. You can also display blocks of data about different types of items that appear on the Surveillance Display. The Track Filter toolbar lets you control which tracks appear on the screen and which are filtered out of the display.


At the end of this lesson you will be able to:

  • Interpret the symbols and colors used in ADAPT to indicate information about tracks and other items on the Surveillance Display
  • Display, configure, and move data blocks for various items shown on the Surveillance Display
  • Filter tracks on the Surveillance Display using the Track Filter toolbar