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instructional design/e-learning
Preliminary storyboard for Customer Center On-Boarding course developed for SolidWorks
Storyboard and final screens for 3 topics in Fundamentals of Human Resource Management in Peacekeeping Operations course developed for the United Nations
ADAPT V2 course developed for the Federal Aviation Administration
Storyboard for Introduction to Measurement topic in Six Sigma course developed for General Electric/Pearson Performance Solutions
Writing Effective Guidance course developed for the United Nations
API training presentation module developedfor e-Room (now part of EMC)
Student Guide module for instructor-led training developedfor NetGenesis (now part of SPSS)
Youth Tech Entrepreneurs high school technology and business curriculum unit
Online content to accompany a chapter in a Houghton Mifflin psychology textbook
Translation of Insurance Documents online presentation developed for New York University Virtual College
writing and editing
MyELT Instructor Quick Start Guide developed for National Geographic Learning/Cengage
Taking Control of Your Career workbook developed for the United Nations
Sample chapter from software documentation developed for GBS Permessa (formerly DYS Analytics)
Chapter from Best Practices Guide for e-Pack Creators for Blackboard (formerly WebCT)
Web-based help system developedfor Pearson Education
Exerpt of online style guide created for Sybase, Inc.
Sample chapter from documentation for online mathematics program for Pearson
web site development
Harvard Center for Comparative Medicine
PRIM&R (Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research)
Brookline Education Foundation web site
Two Rivers Ceramics and Lloyd's Ceramics
Phone number