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Polly Kornblith

Before I was a writer, I was an editor. Before I was an editor, I was a teacher. Before I was a teacher, I was a learner. And a learner, I remain first and foremost.

After completing an independent, self-directed college degree, I pursued a master's degree in education at Harvard University. My experience at Harvard solidified my commitment to lifelong learning.

I first followed that interest in the field of innovative health education for all ages, working on the nationally validated Learning for Life project. As such, I spoke at dozens of conferences in the U.S. and abroad, trained hundreds of teachers, and increased our customer base by 1000 percent for three consecutive years.

I then turned my talents to technical education and communication. Working for Lotus Development Corporation, I steeped myself in the world of high-tech courseware. I learned the ins and outs of writing for a technical audience and teaching adults to master new technology.

Two years later, I launched a career as a freelance technical writer, editor, and course developer. Now, after twelve years working on dozens of projects for clients such as Sybase, Microsoft Press, Macromedia, NetGenesis, Lotus, and Osborne/McGraw-Hill, I am more excited than ever about the potential of technology to extend our capabilities and broaden our minds.

I have increasingly devoted myself to instruction design and e-learning as a way to bring technology to the field of education. Working for universities, corporate education services, publishers, and e-learning content providers, I have become skilled at designing and writing interactive, reusable, online learning modules.

Working solo or with some of my highly qualified colleagues, I'm looking forward to putting my skills and enthusiasm to work for you!


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