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10 ways you can save time and money during a project


  1. Make yourself and your staff available for questions and meetings during the project's ramp-up period (usually the first few weeks).
  2. Invest time upfront in scoping the project, working out a detailed outline, and setting up a schedule you can meet.
  3. Have experts install the necessary software/hardware as soon as possible.
  4. Respond to questions within 24 hours.
  5. Review materials promptly and thoroughly. Changes are always cheaper and easier to make earlier in the development cycle.
  6. Have reviewers meet to consolidate their feedback and resolve any differences of opinion.
  7. Return only one set of review comments.
  8. Give one person the power to make final decisions about content and format.
  9. Send copies of all emails and documents that describe recent or future changes to the product.
  10. Be realistic about the time demands on you and your staff.

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